We empower decarbonization

by converting today’s climate challenges into tomorrow’s climate opportunities

Carboncause provides a runway for industry decarbonization and energy transformation

in a scalable, replicable, profitable, and socially impactful manner thanks to our experience, world-class know-how and results in renewable energy, as well as carbon capture use and storage projects.

Our overriding goal is the net removal of CO2 from the atmosphere while promoting energy security and independence.

About Us

Develop solutions to abate climate change

Carboncause endeavors to cover the entire CCUS value chain by showcasing an innovative integration approach of focusing on local CO2 emission sources and renewable generation to provide energy optionality.


“Mitigating climate change is bigger than us as individuals; we should all strive to make a positive impact. Our principal objective is ambitious: to achieve permanent removal of 1 gigaton of CO2 worldwide.”

Marco Carrasco

Carboncause CEO