Carboncause and SINTEF Propel CCS Innovation Forward with the Landmark Greenpulse Project, Supporting European CO2 Reduction Targets 

Madrid, February 14, 2024  – In an ambitious move towards the European Union’s climate neutrality goals, Carboncause, alongside SINTEF, the globally acclaimed research institution in carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies, today announces their forward-looking plans in the Greenpulse Project. Set in Murcia, Spain, this project is at the vanguard of connecting CO2 sources from hard-to abate-industrial emitters with sustainable geological storage solutions, marking a significant leap in Spain and Europe’s CO2 reduction efforts.

The Greenpulse project leads with groundbreaking measuring, monitoring and verification (MMV) technology for secure CO2 removal, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to environmental integrity and water protection. We embody transparency in action, ensuring our climate efforts are equitable, sustainable, and actively inclusive, fostering resilience and prosperity in every community we touch.

SINTEF’s contributions to the planning of the Greenpulse Project have been pivotal, offering unparalleled expertise in several key areas.

Looking Ahead: Carboncause and SINTEF’s Continued Innovation

Building on these initiatives, Carboncause and SINTEF are committed to further innovation in CCS technology and site assessment methodologies. Our future collaboration includes:

  • Preliminary Static Model Development: Providing a foundational understanding of the site’s geological behavior.
  • Injection Scenarios and CO2 Plume Evolution Modelling: Offering insights into the effectiveness and environmental impact of CO2 storage strategies.
  • Environmental Monitoring Networks Initial Design: Showcasing a commitment to ecological sustainability.
  • MMV and Plume Tracking Preliminary Design Collaboration: Establishing frameworks for project integrity and regulatory compliance.
  • Advanced Geological Analysis and Seismic Campaign Design: Enhancing site characterization through cutting-edge 3D seismic technologies.
  • Innovative Workflow for Site Assessment/Maturation: enhancing site assessment with novel interpretation approaches, automated fault detection, and machine learning full wave inversion.
  • Drone-Based Topography and Passive Seismic Monitoring: Advancing understanding of site topography and seismic activity.
  • Value-of-Information Approach: Optimizing survey design for baseline and MMV strategies.
  • Concept Study for Low-Noise Seismic Technologies: Improving data quality and reducing exploration and monitoring impacts.
  • Preliminary and Advanced Geomodelling: Focusing on both static and dynamic modelling to enhance our understanding and optimization of the CO2 storage process.
  • “Reservoir Conditions” Lab Works: Conducting advanced laboratory experiments to simulate reservoir conditions, ensuring the integrity and safety of CO2 storage solutions.

Enhancing Greenpulse Site Reliability and Strengthening Collaborative Ties

The collaboration between Carboncause and SINTEF not only propels forward the Greenpulse Project but significantly bolsters the site’s reliability through advanced CCS technologies and comprehensive scientific research. These activities underscore a commitment to environmental sustainability and site viability, reinforcing the foundation of trust and innovation upon which the CarbonCause and SINTEF relationship is built. As we continue to tackle the challenges of climate change, our partnership stands as a beacon of progress, demonstrating the power of collaboration in advancing global CCS solutions.

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About Carboncause

Leading in CCUS innovation, Carboncause is committed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by advancing carbon capture, utilization, and storage technologies. By promoting sustainable environmental practices, Carboncause aims to not only capture and store CO2 but also to repurpose it, advancing global climate change solutions and supporting a circular carbon economy.


SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest research institutes, with multidisciplinary expertise within technology, natural sciences and social sciences. SINTEF is an independent foundation which, since 1950, has created innovation through research and development for business and the public sector at home and abroad. SINTEF has 2,200 employees from 75 nations and an annual turnover of over NOK three billion. SINTEF’s profits are invested in research and innovation.

SINTEF states that the onshore CO2 storage plans in the Greenpulse Project are highly interesting and may be mandatory as part of the green shift and supporting European CO2 reduction target.